music collab notes

one "first thought" is to write something called "Amass" or "A Mass" for the puns
this stupid thinking about puns (I got started by the MASS cover of the CDs I bought was red to underscore marxism = mass movement & the intro mentioned liberation theology) led me back to when the joke when we got to pick songs for a litergy, we all wanted to pick a song called "The Mass is Ended" -- I have to get out my keyboard, which I haen't yet, but it is basically a five note tune all GO in peace being two notes -- basically the recessional set simply music -- first -- because of the reversal and because then we wouldn't have to sit in church for another 45 minutes. So it would be fun to use the same set of simple notes as an intro. The real MASS does end with the same The Mass is Ended / Peace recessional. "in the end is my beginning"


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