wackadoo review of o'hara? when I read it

I actually thought Logan had mellowed. The O'Hara can't be a "tombstone" -- which: they call little bank deal plaques tombstones, that's a dead horse -- because the Allen's been out forever.

'their giddiness in the face of despair, their animal pleasure in gossip, their false bravado, their frantic posturing and guilelessness and petty snobberies — and these were O’Hara’s virtues — give us as much of a life as poetry can'

isn't this a backhand compliment? isn't the only thing here really objectionable an "and"?

what struck me most clearly is that recently I've been a little exasperated with some of the youth of the good young poets, their ferocious prejudices -- and it occurs to me that I am older than O'Hara now -- and that since I live outside New York, which like a major Asian city, is an increasingly rarified and strange place to live to me -- and how much more hoary, even when young, prematurely aged Logan, living outside the cultural capitals lo these many years, must feel --

but that perhaps a response to this review is supercilious.


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