jack - fm is a computer-programmed rdio station in most major markets (here in la, we have two, running a few minutes behind one another, depending wher eyou are driving), trying to make a virtue of their no requests policy (requests never reflect the desires of listeners, but then, neither do the polls and surveys computer (radio) programmers rely upon)

have a slogan on buses around here that reads something like

why do we need disk jockeys
if there are no horses

I revise to

if there are no discourses

Here's a quote through from a review of a female-american-poets poetry anthology (hogue-frost's)

For example, Judith Butler, in her most recent collection of essays, Undoing Gender, writes: “fantasy is part of the articulation of the possible; it moves us beyond what is merely actual and present into a realm of possibility, the not yet actualized or the not actualizable.”

just wondering what the difference in definition between possible and actualizable might be... just typing it makes it seem obvious that "actualize" is a very contemporary word meaning "make actual" in a therapy/new age spea way, while "possible" seems more like potential?

and dictionary.com sez...

making exist in act or fact (the ACT/ION part being the important part)
to make what may or can be, exist, happen, be done, be used

so -- butler exploiting the variance between making exist what is made to exist by action vs. making exit what may or may not be made to exist?


making exist in f/act vs. making exist, happen, using, doing?


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