note I just sent to MoMA; I think Brenadette Mayer / brick words is something I've commented on here before -- anyway, maybe someone here NOT an info co spammer knows the answer

Hello. I visited the museum last week; in one of the exhibits -- my guess is the appropriation one -- there is a sculpture / installation which appears to be a workbench and shelving unit which fetures a display of old bricks showing their company stamps. Our brick mason here in Los Angeles would love to see a picture of the work we've described to him, but 1) I can't find it on your site, 2) I don't remember the name of the artist or the work.

Any ideas?

We felt it was really interesting that the characteristics of bricks / manufacture / age Peter has been explaining to my husband and I over the years were part of the artwork's subject matter, and we were also wondering if the artist was aware of the reasons behind the "brick words" -- the information they convey.


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