ok, so more about sequences and whatnot

I am gradually pulling a lot of junk from the winchester mystery area of our house, in a desperate search to locate my year old credit for a spa day at beverly hot springs, a natural hot spring, and also the installation disks for the belkin hub

guess where the princeton encyclopedia was!!!

ok, first of all, the sequence is located in an article called "lyric sequence", with petrarch being the shining example: these were rather loose collections, if one believes the titles (songbook, scattered rhymes); his models were collections -- psalms, the latin elegists' books

this would lead one to believe that perhaps, then, more narrative relationships between poems would be more commonly considered series than sequences? perhaps, but also underscores the way in which (particularly first happened with Iowa Writers Workshop grads), a book of lyric poems ends up being a sick! unified project / collection of VERY tightly related lyric poems in a very particular order -- a collection as a lyric sequence.

one wonders if this comes from something like catullus or -- tibullus, say -- where the books may OR MAY NOT have an order that is necessary, but which has come to be studied and appraised AS THOUGH IT DOES ???

distinguished by the long poem as using different forms, pov, etc.


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