I have received by permanent landfill ID (Scholl Canyon only)

working on the morals of flowers doc (it is all pdf on google)

-- and it is neat because the african american female hands which scanned the book are sometimes visible -- why did she scan the blank pages? I hope she was paid by the hour or page and not the book --

leads me to ponder something I mentioned in conjunction with Craig Dworkin's Eclipse site, which is, how / why to decide to make an image of one thing, and text of another, where he scanned as images in to pdfs many small press chapbooks, many on secial paper etc. -- so that these retained some of their qualities (although, if I remeber correctly, the were in black and white, and not full color scans), but made them ponderous to use

another thing this does is it makes the text difficult to extract and work with -- from quote by cutting and pasting between documents to otherwise manipulating... it as text

I view text as the sort of painting on canvas or codex or the online world -- itis just more efficient and nonproprietary

anyway, here is this public domain work of poetry --and I am about to find more of these, it is a special class of women's writing, where I had been looking at the largre woman's work -- anyway, part of the problem is that the plates in the books get ct out and framed, and the books get treated as picture books, and the text never gets treated as text

another case is the artist book -- the entire shading from sculture book to catalog, unreadable / irreplicable 3d object and thing that is mostly text with a nice design

(all this aside from concrete poetry, visual poetry, and the like: I am talking ore about text and image together, which gfets privileged, formats, why, etc.)


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