Temblor Issue 1: Review

I came across temblor because in new york I lived across the street from a bookstore that stocked all of them; of the periodicals I regret getting rid of, all the sulfers, the few temblors I could afford to buy (they were, I think, not 7.50 in new york; I remember them being more like $12), and the paris review langpo number are some. Current trying to amazon boundary 2s!

Anyway, found temblor 1 on skylight books' clearance rack! $3.

Here is a link to a lucky philadelphian who found the run:

Hickman -- I have a book of his -- I think Douglas Messerli told me that Hickman was a local LA person who, when Messerli and Fox moved to LA from Philadelphia, they met; wild times arguing vehemently about poetry, and then the founding of Temblor.

His papers are at UCSD.


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