reloadng the bathrooms with tp, espcially since dad will be here tomorrow

and praises the charmin

which I buy since at some time my husband was, "woman! must our tp be cardboard?" and I replied, "you cheapskate, you complain about the tp bill"

anyway, I generally buy charmin now, and the cross anecdote is my dad, when for cost, had to stop buying it because he had two daughters in the house. "are you eating it?" he wondered. Are you using more than four sheets? shouldn't you use two? (there was, within a year or two, an actress or fashion model who had a *green* campaign about "two sheets") and I will say, no. not if you want to take care of the business without a bidet, and not if you want to wrap bloody things in something not unsightly.

and there is no way suffering ob suppository things are worth charmin.


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