writing to Sharon on wompo about series vs. sequence

At the time I began writing them, and when we had this discussion on
WOMPO first, which I think was about 10 years ago, I relied heavily on
the princeton encyclopedia for developing my ideas.

Now it is in an inconvenient place and I have been writing said poems
for a long time, and it strikes me that manuscripts and projects are
converging -- with -- both.

I tend to think of series as more from the same idea, about the same
thing, from the same source, approaching something from every
conceivable direction. A series about ... rather than a television
series. Which, oddly, when someone says "too episodic" they are
referring to the sequence of events being too much like tv. Ah well.
I tend to think of sequences being something that allows the writer's
thinking and form to approach, to change, to develop, over the course
of writing, more than a series, which seems an exhaustion of
possibilities than a development of them.


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