proust qnairre

I wonder if I should translate my answers into mauvais francais. I wonder if they are like answering a marketing survey for cash.

Your favorite virtue The principal aspect of my personality

I'm not sure. I want to say "courage," but I know I don't respect foolhardy courage.

Your favorite qualities in a man. The quality that I desire in a man.

Humor, tolerance, fun.

Your favorite qualities in a woman. The quality that I desire in a woman.

Smarts, tolerance, fun.

Your chief characteristic.

What you appreciate the most in your friends What I appreciate most about my friends.

Humor, smarts, fun.

Your main fault My main fault

Poor balance of desire and necessity.

Your favourite occupation. My favorite occupation.

Your idea of happiness My dream of happiness.

A pig with a truffle, and no one to say, quel cochon or gimme dat truffe

Your idea of misery. What would be my greatest misfortune?

being less aware

If not yourself, who would you be? What I should like to be.

I think if I were not myself, I would be less. But I would rather be more.

Where would you like to live? The country where I should like to live.

As I proclaimed to Laura Milhauser in grade school after the Christmas recital, I would like a mansion in Manhattan and a beach house. On reflection, I would take a mansion in any major world city that has a garden, and a beach house on most any beach.

Your favourite colour and flower. My favourite colour.

In general, I love flowers and colors. I like warm and clear colors, even warm blues and clear reds. I am only now gaining an appreciation of? for? carnations and other cultivars which have been denigrated to (into?) cheaper "filler flower" status.

The flowers I most love last long, smell good, look good (esp. cut in water), draw butterflies and birds rather than dangerous insects or vermin....

My favorite bird. The parrot.

Your favorite prose authors. Pynchon. There are so many....

Your favorite poets. My favorite poets.

Me, idealized. Shooting images from my fingertips, leaping blank verse in a single bound, looking good in spandex. No, not at all. That was a joke. I have a post-grad-school fascination with classical authors mostly because I can't figure out the allure other than precedence (sp?).

Your favorite heroes in fiction. My heroes in fiction.

Pop culture sez detectives or would-b vampire victims. I must admit, I prefer the flaw to be something like memory or failure to see "the system" (non-paranoia).

Your favorite heroines in fiction. My favorite heroines in fiction.

Are there any fictional heroines? I can't think of one. Plz comment or e-mail.

Your favorite painters and composers. My favorite composers.

I was listening today to the top R&B Americans from 1950. David Bartholomew. He is not my favorite, but he seems as crucial as the major and the minor pantheons. Let him be the division, then. Less influential than DB, no.

I like to think that painting isn't as dead as music or poetry, but I guess it is: I know it less.

Your heroes in real life.

My parents, my sister: my family.

In a culture of celebrity, it is important not to have heroes. But it is crucial to have exemplars. I hope that's not too backhanded to my family: in reality, their former acts (reported) precede mine; their love encourages me.

For encouragement, I could add every publisher and some employers.

What characters in history do you most dislike.

Those hairy guys (as depicted, maybe they were quite "pretty") who hate women because they are women. No! Hate non-men because they are not men. [and not devo]

Your heroines in World history My heroines in history.

I need to expand my compassion to encompass first every single woman.

Then, every single not-woman. But that's unimaginable to me now.

Your favorite food and drink.

I love prime rib. I love grilled steak. Because I love foods forbidden to me, they are forbidden to me, but I still love noodles, any pasta; I love popcorn, shrimp, lobster; I know how to love rice, peas, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, ...

Your favorite names. My favorite names. Nouns are cool.

What I hate the most. What I hate most of all. What is bad about me.

World history characters I hate the most Historical figures that I despise the most.

I don't like the idea of conforming, adhering, there being a standard, especially one in text or for text (insofar as that's the way info is conveyed -- pics otherwise (this has less to do with fidelity)). There are ideas I hate. I suppose some historical figures embody those.

Why, what is good about me? Is there something most particularly bad?


The military event I admire the most The military event that I admire most.

The peace treaty part.

The reform I admire the most The reform which I admire the most.

equal rights

The natural talent I'd like to be gifted with The gift of nature that I would like to have.

How I wish to die How I want to die. But I don't. I would not like to die suddenly, unaware of what's going on.

What is your present state of mind. My present state of mind.

Still thinking about the self interview.

For what fault have you most toleration? Faults for which I have the most indulgence.

lack of seriousness

Your favorite motto. My motto.

"all or nothing"


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