there is some confusion on the part of reviewers and grants and award orgs right now about pod/digital short run and self publishing

when pressed, most orgs refine their "no pod" policy to

no self published books or
no books published on presses which only publish one author or
no books without ISBN

a greater problem is pre-circulation of galleys when print production does not easily allow for their creation in bulk

or circulation of galleys and review copies by the publisher, when publishers might be in a different country or totally uninterested in circulating review copies or nominating their books for awards

or scheduling a book launch and reading tour in advance of publication -- "being tied to a schedule"

I think one thing that might change is the concept that reviews should be time-sensitive -- i.e., if they aren't occurring the second the book is launched, or if a launch party isn't planned in advance of publication, no one will come -- is a dying idea. On the one hand, I'm seeing lots of book blogs that -- realizing there's no pressure of time and space for publishing the review, or procuring the book -- nothing has to go out of print anymore -- would rather publish a good review than a review in advance of publication. Lots more reviewing "the classics" alongside the new to establish an aesthetic.


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