It kind of amazes me that no one seems to be formatting with hanging indents, which is what print publishers do with lines that are too long for a printed page. There are even protocols for hanging indents for long lines when some of the lines are indented (usually less of an indent). There's actually a whole listserv devoted to w3 specifications for poetry, but none of the people there seem to have heard about the hanging indent either (it is a tab / spacing problem that is difficult to conquer).

Sticking with images (scans), like google ebooks still do, works for me -- you can magnify them or shrink them if the size is tough, and the text isn't altered. Admittedly, I like to have both -- the image, unaltered, of the page, and full access to all the letters. But I don't have a problem with the "artifact of the codex" for poetry. I mean, if they are art works, they're images anyway, and one of those things that's supposed to distinguish poetry is its *intended* appearance....


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