I have a back patio -- at least for another month or two -- with a sort of stage-like porch... and a marionette theatre.

I'm asking a number of people to think of ways we can finally start using it. My first thought was fundraisers for various theatre companies, presses, etc., book launches... a reading series would work -- like David Lloyd's Effie Street series.

But some more interesting ideas we've been talking about include a writing / reading day where people pay a modest amount of money which includes food and gives the writing a focus and creates a donation to a charity (writing to benefit Griffith Park or something). Another was an "arts house" where each person curates a room. Teach-in for weird knowledge?

Something easier than a salon, not needing a ton of pr to please the venue/draw a crowd. Though if we found folding chairs, we could accommodate quite a crowd.

Spare room in Portland and the other spare room in Chicago also do some interesting things that are worth consideration.


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