something's beeping, kumbaya

whether or not kumbaya means come by here, the sacred intent of the song was to say, in a "primitive" fashion, that in the quotidian as it is overheard and sounded, logos is present

this is really interesting to consider in light of the recent coinage of kumbaya in gulluh (if that etymology is correct), especially vis a vis beeping --- which, as I've written before, and in poems to, is deliberately coded to allow the machine / process to send a message --

"something's beeping, kumbaya" is a tautology

now how is "something's beeping, kumbaya" different frm "someone's crying, kumbaya"?

at one remove from human intervention -- calling for intervention / attention from humans versus the great whatever? the "shut off the beeper" finger rather than the "attend to the cosmos" brain cell?


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