Who Am I?

Some of you will be familiar with my Identity Theft and Where am I? poems... but a dear friend who wants to know, really -- what/who am I up to/about (some prepositions here) -- asks all the right questions.

I apparently did a pretty decent job with my profile on dating sites, and basically used meeting new people to get to know myself a bit?

One of the traps of dealing with constraints:  codes, applications, functionality, money, source material, etc., is that it erases taste and aesthetics in an odd manner -- do I really like this music, or is this wallcovering just right for the house, even tho I don't care?

I can and have lived in a monestery where I slept on a wood bench with basically a bunch of fabric as clothing and hardly any food.  I had my Scarlett O'Hara moment in 1990.

I like to make stuff, collect stuff; I appreciate things:  dirty toys or falling down buildings; fabulous brand-new skyscrapers, cool plants that bring birds and butterflies to me.

How to be positively identified, making, creating, rather than negatively -- vision, not constraint -- but constraints don't help anything unless they are simply a challenge to richness, responsibility... ok, this is seeming vague.

Because I have one life, I am determined to live it fully and well.  At somewhere beyond mid-life, I find that I've done that in my past from a very early age several different ways/means.  I'm going to try to do all those crazy dreams I DIDN'T follow, now.  That business, that way of living, that job, that piece of writing.

I'm thinking that technology, even though I've let my expertise age a bit, is mitigating the pain I suffered being in the wrong place and the wrong time, in the past.

I would rather eat red meat than have b-12 shots.

I am a participant and an observer, and I need to look and feel, listen and learn, in order to feel adjusted -- my experience is it is very hard to be in the world, but perception and creation changes the world...

Wow, way too vague.


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