Kitty Wells, "I Heard the Jukebox Playing"

C)I knew that you d been  cheating

Cause you stayed away so  (G)long

(C)And I heard the jukebox  (G)playing 

(D)When you called me (G)on  the phone

(G)Now it couldn t have been  the radio

(C)Cause it had that honky  tonk sound

And the same old song kept  coming (G)and a going

(A7)And the feet kept  shufflin around

(D)When I heard the people  (G)laughing

(C)I knew there must be  somethin wrong

Brilliant example of media intrusion indicating something,
of a media malfunction and it's overlapping intrusion... truly meaning.

She goes onto comment about the sunrise, adding nature/time as another means to interpretation.

I <3 Kitty Wells, quote her all the time...


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