gedanken / gedenken

thought, commemoration
to bear in mind
water-bearer -- is that an insult? --

something about completeness,
its impossibility;
as an ideal...

"you make me com/plete/ly miserable"

wretched need,
distress causing self-destructive behaviour.

"que sera, sera"

what will I think?
what will I make?

I'll remember increasingly less,
increasingly inaccurately;
I'll make a delusional narrative, a version of events,
in the service of remaining a little bit sane.

oh this language barrier,

"well loved" is an euphemism for "used"

systems' exclusions and inclusions

is that smile for me,
that grin, that grimace, a result?

does loss commemorate love?
what do we mark when we recall
slings and eros?


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