Going Negative

I prefer "mu" but "no" is expedient.

"The hushed pictures push."

Don't interrupt while I'm delivering a diatribe, or
giving you a much-needed, IMO, lecture on deportment.
Don't explode after I make salient points, facetiously,
about your lack of emotion, obsequiousness, etc.

I beg of you, allow me to do this thing while you sit quietly
with your hands folded in your lap.  You are pretty.
Make your time more useful.

You're strong. I expected you to challenge me on that.

Why don't you communicate only in response?
Why are you unavailable to me?

You can't call, and to write would be inappropriate.
What do you mean when you say "justify"?  "Humility"?
Not what I mean.  Shut up.  Revise your definitions.  Talk.
You have already written at length on these subjects.


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