don't tell anyone about the voices & visions

Actually, it is completely OK to tell some artist friends about the voices and visions, because either they have them too and/or they understand this is a talent and a tool, not a problem.

There is a joke my husband used to relate.  It started with the voice saying, "Kill your wife..." and the guy says, but I'm not married.  The voice says, "Is this Bob?"  The guy says, no, my name is Stu.  The voice says, "Oh, wait, ok, "Kill your boss...""

There's research that indicates that untrained composers who hear music and learn to transcribe it are hearing echos, that the music isn't wholly original, it is derivative.

There is evidence that many visionaries are migraineurs reporting/depicting their auras.

I get to control mine.  "I'm gonna amp up the bass and vary the beat a little."  Plus, the more you know, the more various the sounds and images become.

Never, ever tell anyone about the voices and visions who doesn't understand them.


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