Some Christmases

The Christmas Room with a tree so large most of the furniture had to be removed, and the chandelier swapped out, but with my sister's dollhouse in it, with a tiny tree in a room inside that lit up.

The giant gold ornaments stapled to the ceiling another year, the year moving the couch, he broke his foot.

The Christmas morning we loaded up the car with all our gifts and drove to my sister's apartment (where my parents were staying) in our pajamas.

The holiday in Florida where we begged out of the hotel and stayed with my family in the bed where I was conceived..

The Christmas he made a Santa Claus out of pillows and cotton balls.  The Christmas we made all of our ornaments -- and a creche -- out of vacuum tubes.  The Christmas we decorated the round ball ornaments as one might decorate Easter eggs.

The Christmas he gave my Dad a live chicken (help from my sister and I), and Dad retaliated by sending live lobsters for New Year's.

Our turducken holiday:  the Christmas after we were married and his step father died.  Fate rewarded us with an impossibly large tree for a very modest amount of money.  And then we had a New Year's banquet with a balloon drop and dancing and everything.


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