My Life, My Version

So I'm driving down RCA (formerly Monet), which has a scary 45 mph speed limit for a two lane, unlit, no- shoulder shortcut road.  I am thinking to look at some computers in person, and then get them cheaper online, as is everyone.  The hood of the car flies up and shatters the windshield.  Driving blind, I'm able to pull to grass.

Now, if it were my car before it was cleaned, it would have some rope in it.  Instead, I have a lot of suits I haven't "let go".

Tomas, who sees me, from doing some landscaping @ a house he used to own across RCA, joins me.  While our first thought is just to bend the hood back, replace the windshield, he shows me how, no... that won't work.  He goes back across the street, gets some rope, ties down the hood.  I introduce myself, shake his hand, go home.

I call the most awesome car glass replacement people ever, and they give me advice.  While I'm on the phone, I msg an fbook friend -- same set of advice from Marc.  Just as I have located a salvage BMW 318ti hood online, Kmal psychically calls.  He's got the day off work and lives near the yard.

I know Mom is at PT, and I can't find my key to M&D's house.  I duck tape the hood, drive there anyway, because I've just returned Dad's metric ratchet set to him.  Dad is there!  So we poke around the garage, and we can't locate the tools.  I limp the car to Kmal's, visiting Dad's fave salvage yard en route. (Milena is super smart, but the yard doesn't have a hood.  Many phone numbers exchanged -- a back up plan.) I continue on.  Kmal is working on his garden.  He drives me to the yard.  The guy looks up the non-public version of the database in which I had located a BMW 318ti.

"Good luck, it has been here more than 60 days; the hood can't possibly be there."  Kmal and I decide that @$2/each, this is worth the price of admission.  We walk to "I21" the compact imports aisle.  Everything is wonderful.  The hood is already detached (note, I couldn't find tools) and leaning on the front of the car.  So Kmal lifts is up, and carries it to the cashiers, just as the yard is closing.  $50.

But wait, the hood would have fit into MY car, but never Kmal's.  Kmal quickly convinces a very nice man in a truck leaving the lot to drive the hood to my car.  I gave Kmal $10 to give to him, which is far less than his gas and time.   We wedge the hood into the back of the car, tie down the hatch, and tie down the wounded front hood.

Updates to follow.


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