In so far as my family has any money, our unvast nonfortune is built from pie -- my great-aunt's recipes. The other evening, I went to a locally-grown, fluffy bunny epicurium and selected a pie crust made from rice flour. Over the years, I have attempted same crust making with unusual flours (I have made pies I can consume, and if I am feeling motivated, will make one for my birthday next week), but failed. Pretty great at cookies, etc., tho. My first effort, egg pie, was very, very tasty. But quiche is easy. There was another pie crust remaining. I was challenged to make "a real pie," but... there was no sugar. I soaked some dried wild blueberries in rum, figuring: sugar. I made some sort of gelatenous goo from coffee (figuring, "rum and coffee? why bad?") and tapioca flour. I made it and put lots of soy-free (yeah -- but these aren't the good soy-free chocolate chips ;( that's why they were hanging out in the kitchen) chips in for a freezer pie. It remained in freezer a week. I just tried it. Um... chewy blueberries, not too sweet, mocha ice-cream-like... but I was laughing so hard...


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