Upon moving to Florida, I met many people with varying opinions about guns and experiences with them. As most of my opinions, I am willing to revise, but when I'm moving not from opinion, but from experience, I work anecdotally. Unconcealed carry is scary and real, but "a real cowboy knows the guns and exits." And unconcealed carry fosters this. Cue: "Don't Bring your guns to town." Johnny Cash Quote: "Cowboys sit back to the wall." Wild Bill Hickok (not taking own advice) In many ways, this is just as living life as a woman, but I guess it is living life as a person. Concealed carry has the extra -- well, you didn't know I had this, did'ya? -- factor. But then one's knowledge is more limited. There are illegal guns. But legal guns are, well, also guns. I prefer to know my threats. An outrider thought I had the other day is that Clinton's take on abortion (safe, legal, rare) applies to guns, expect that anybody can buy a gun. Then I thought, but takes two to make a victim and target. Then, I thought, makes two to make a baby, and not getting distracted by the movie Gun Crazy nor by guns 'n butter ways of understanding economics, thanatos & eros, thought... a number of things [censored]. Just wanted to post this, and have a space to think more clearly... more about mental health and gund, fer shure! :) gah


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