I don't understand why people blow up churches and temples and mosques. I don't understand why people hate gay people. Isn't sex why people say "the best things in life are free"? What about slavery? That slaves were expensive? That radical peace and animal rights people point out evil slave breeding programs? I don't understand why people say (this is from growing up) that people "smell bad". I'm so irreligous I lost my religion major (I felt some familial pressure there, that major) for writing an heretical thesis -- that mysticism is cultured. Mysticism = experience. I'm nearly 50. I'm supposed to have this sorted. Stupid hipsters make me seem a political conservative, just because I was raised in politics. Naivete, that ingenue factor -- so unattractive. How best to make experience more positive for everybody. Certainly not by blowing up stuff and not ensuring everybody has food and health care.


Unknown said…
I don't understand either

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