Lessons from a year playing Pokemon Go

Pokestops are, in general, "street furniture".  While most of these were initially Ingress sites, and many others have been added (notably Starbucks and Sprint stores):

Churches, temples (many faiths), zen centers.  I no longer live near a Sikh house of assembly, nor a mosque, so I don't know about coverage of all faiths.



Architectural details (gargoyles, mosaics, art deco terra cotta tilework, cupolas, etc.)


Historical markers.

Public artworks, especially in vest-pocket parks.


Subway stops/train stations, etc.



Now, I am not aware of any statues, here in NYC, CT, PBCo., which commemorate events or personalities who contributed to the US civil war on the losing side. So I do not know if they are Pokestops.  I suspect not.

I would like to know if Pokemon Go has lessened gang graffiti and neo-Nazi graffiti on "street furniture", especially given that children are increasingly visiting these public markers.

Surprising to me, some bars (albeit with architecturally-notable facades) are Pokestops.


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