Pitch for a Conference in Scotland

I am primarily a poet, but am also an independent scholar. However, the strongest connection to the conference theme, "Poetry & Sexuality," is through my creative work, not my scholarship. In particular, the long poem "Palm Anthology" in my book _DaDaDa_ (Salt Publishing, 2003) "ties together" erotic fragments from the Greek Anthology using semes derived from the personal digital assistant with wireless (Tesla coil) capability (i.e., my Palm VII) while maintaining their "wireless" communicability.

I would love to have the opportunity to deliver a talk about this poem, as well as read quite small portions of it (understanding the 20 minute time limit) which illustrate the relationship between the body, fragment, other poetry, technology, and media, that I attempt to establish. It is one of the few poems written for Palm OS, but also it is not currently available to scholars outside the print version in my book.

Some section titles are commands derived from D/s computer chat games, so that they bring forward ways in which literature and technology is and isn't subservient to human "domination." Other sections are titled with palm markup (a sort of "html lite") tags. Since my palm has wireless connectivity, i.e., it uses a tesla coil, there are many references to tesla coil / violent wand -- thus to another set of technologically-mediated sexual practices. In the poems, the bodies are arranged into completed circuits or are short-circuited.


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