Pitch for a Conference on Sound

Much of the North American current practice of the idea of "voice" in poetry is derived from the critical writings of TS Eliot. In certain contemporary poetry writing circles, however, not only has the usefulness of the narrative "I" and the unitary "voice" in poetry been called to question, but also the use of sound and sound effects in poetry: all three aspects of aural cultural constructs are frequently considered to lead away from "truth," "meaning," or even "sense." New media writing which can be considered poetry works against these notions.

In a talk and demonstration, including talking about my own work and demonstrating sound in my poetry, avatar voicings from "other cultures" in my poetry, and a brief survey of other new media writing /poetry practice, including that of Alan Sondheim, Miekal And, and Maria Damon, I will explore how new media poetry (as opposed to new media writing, which often includes a background "soundtrack" or "clicking" effects which mimic keyboard sounds rather than voicings or poetic sound and sound effects) integrates sound, dialog, and performance using avatars, frequently "foreign" or "other" voicings, and online chat.


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