As far as performing "Palm Anthology" merely than reading it (generally I read only sections since it is book length in an of itself), I imagined carrying it on Palm OS format Adobe Acrobat .pdf on my Palm and being able to beam it to members of the audience. This is a rather wonderful little thing as it involves waving a small red lcd light on the Palm:


Beam other items

You may want to beam an appointment or an address other than your own to another person. Beaming other types of information from your Palm requires a few more steps. Here's how:

Find the item you want to beam.
Tap that item to select it.
Tap the menu button.
Choose Record/Beam Event.

In that way, then, those who receive the beamed file read the poem as it was "designed" to be read, in the casing, on the small hand-held machine. When I say designed -- the poem is still a rather straightforward poem, but it does have short sections (lots of them) and short lines -- even still each section / stanza / line is not quite short enough to fit on a single palm screen. The poem itself uses the technology for wireless communication (my palm's wireless), the physical parts of the palm, parts of the verbiage and methodology for the hardware and software which operate the palm, and palm markup (a sort of html lite) as signs, metaphors, figures, etc. in the poem.


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