Application for Program Contract

Briefly describe the applicant and her ability to complete the project:

An experienced project manager, reading series / program curator, and technology consultant, Daly has lead teams of engineers to complete multimillion dollar projects for NASA and New York investment banks. She has also regularly curated reading series in both New York and Los Angeles including the Columbia MFA Writing Program reading series, a series in new media performance for the UCLA Hammer Museum, Writers & Teachers at Barnes & Noble, and co-curated a series with Rob Roberge at the smell, an all ages club in downtown Los Angeles.

By carefully curating this block of new media publishing, performance, and writing programming, Daly will leverage her experience in service of the festival and see this particularly interesting project through to its success.

Describe program theme, and explain why theme is appropriate to the applicant:


Alternative performance and publishing: writers experimenting with sound and visuals; music & writing; highly prolific writers; new media writing; new publishing options; alternative distribution, etc.


Catherine Daly is one of the few poets with experience as both a high-level technology executive (Kit Robinson and Sheila E. Murphy are others, and potential panelists) and an experienced readings curator. She is also a poet whose most recent book contains a long poem, book length in itself, written specifically for Palm Pilot with Wireless Capability. Together with fellow-panelist Walter Lew, she has performed at the ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association) conference on a panel (that Daly designed) in new media performance and writing. She has curated a series at a nationally-recognized museum presenting new media writing to the general public. Daly is uniquely qualified to illuminate the larger field of new media publication for a festival audience.

Describe plans the applicant will undertake to promote the planned program:

Aside from utilizing the considerable mail and email networks Daly ordinarily utilizes for her readings and performances to promote the program and the festival (including postcards, e-mail list notifications, and other mailings, website postings, etc.), she will also interface with Arizona College and University faculties, especially in computing, new media, English, and writing, and small regional nonprofits, such as POG in Tucson. She will do this in order to make the larger new media arts communities aware of the program and the festival.


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