"Our most recent chapbook is Boy Girl Boy by Catherine Daly."

Intro to the chap:


The first part of my book DaDaDa (and hence of my long project Confiteor) is called Reading Fundamentals. The book-length section is a selection from the reading and writing projects I started during my preparation for an unsuccessful application to the UCLA PhD program in English. I downloaded the list of required texts for orals, and decided to "do something" with each text as a carrot for reading or rereading. I consider some of the resulting poems to be translations, others to be readings. I suppose "Boy, Girl, Boy" might be a correction.

This is the third time I've tried to make something from the female characters' speeches in Marlowe's plays. As you know, when you read older English verse in Microsoft Word, Word lights up like a Christmas tree: the grammar check assumes line breaks indicate sentence fragments and underlines them in green; the spell check doesn't recognize the words and underlines them in red. I decided to grammar check and spell check the poems until the text "came clean", i.e., until the software didn't recognize any errors. I accepted the first recommendation for grammar and spelling. Where there was no provided default correction, I used the Microsoft thesaurus.

I've been making poems with my current custom dictionary for quite some time, and I didn't reload the default dictionary. "Aeneas" sometimes became "Airbus". The Microsoft dictionaries are rich in brand names, something I discovered in a project using their voice recognition software. I did have a choice when the software didn't suggest anything for proper nouns. I chose baseball terms for the season and the location of the BoB editors. I have many strong and questionable opinions. Two are that these types of projects are occasional, and that "cyberspace" isn't unmoored from the locations of the human controllers of the files.


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