American Book Review: Reviewers cannot be a personal friend of the poet. Send review copies and ideas to: Rochelle Ratner. I strongly urge all wompos to send Rochelle Ratner a copy of your book. ABR is one of the few places I know that attempts to review as many small press books of poetry as possible.-S.Dolin Here's her response to my query on behalf of all wompos:

It's best to send poetry books directly to my home address. In terms of queries -- if anyone's interested in reviewing books, I'd love to have them query me. E-mail's best, with clips if they have any. In terms of having books reviewed, so long as they send us the book, understand it's

being considered for review. We can't give out any information on whether or not we've assigned it, or are planning to assign it. Also be aware that ABR cannot accept reviews after a book is more than six month's old, even though it's sometimes much longer before it actually appears in our pages -- so please let people know that to give a book its best chance for review, send it as early as possible, preferably before the publication date.

Rochelle Ratner
609 Columbus Ave.
New York, NY 10024

American Scholar

Bloomsbury Review

Boston Review

Colorado Review New website hosted by Fence Books Denver Quarterly Electronic Poetry Review

Quraysh Ali Lansana is the Poetry Editor at Black Issues Book Review. Mondella Jones handles editorial matters at BIBR's New York office.
Ron Kavanaugh is the editor & publisher at Mosaic. They feature and review Latina/o and African American writers.

Carolina Quarterly
Tara Powell

Troy Johnson publishes online reviews at


Chicago Review

Contemporary Poetry Review* (online), though its bias seems to be in favor of new formalist work.

Denver Quarterly

First Intensity: Lee Chapman at First Intensity is always looking for good reviews.

The Hollins Critic

Hyde Park Review of Books (
Indiana Review
Jacket: Favors experimental poetics.

The Los Angeles Times

Main Street Rag (short 600 word reviews):puts out a free monthly e-newsletter listing magazines that are looking for submissions, including book review submissions places

Missouri Review.:

The New Review of Literature (first issue to appear Fall 2003)

The New York Times (surely someone on WomPo has an in, like
Alicia Ostriker)
Philadelphia Inquirer

Pif Magazine (

Poetry Flash(Berkeley)
Rain Taxi

The Reader's Review

Saint Ann's Review pays very well, and accepts longer reviews.

San Francisco Chronicle

School Library Journal
Small Press Review

St. Marks Poetry Project Newsletter


Valparaiso; Edward Byrne, editor

Washington Post Book World


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