Eileen Tabios with Mary Talusan playing the Kulintang (gong-drum)
Franklin Bruno

at the smell! Sunday, April 25, 6 pm

Eileen Tabios is a poet and vintner (and blogger) and editor and ... you HAVE to come see her read and perform with Mary Talusan!

Mary Talusan's works were performed at the 18th Annual Conference and Festival of Asian Composers, which was held in the Philippines. She spent last year in the Philippines as a Fulbright Fellow.

Franklin Bruno is a poet and songwriter and philosopher as well. His CDs include A Cat May Look At A Queen (Absolutely Kosher), Kiss Without Makeup (Absolutely Kosher), numerous Nothing Painted Blue titles (Shrimper), and the lyrics for Jenny Toomey: Tempting: Jenny Toomey Sings the Songs.


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