from Amelie Frank:

Well, I had hoped the latest Beyond Baroque calendar would have gone out by now, but because it hasn't, I am making this last-minute notice to y'all to check out a rare Southern California appearance by a fine Bay Area poet, who will be joined by a sublime force of nature from El Segundo.

San Francisco gad-about-town Rich Yurman will be reading from his two brilliant poetry collections, GIRAFFE and FASCINATION DOLLS. What can I say about Rich's work? At turns wise, moving, observant, and funny, Rich is a master of mining the remarkable and unique from inevitable human matters that would be become merely timeworn and maudlin in the hands of a lesser artist.

Appearing with Rich is a SoCal favorite--the elusive and witty Erica Erdman. A protegée of the fabulous Laurel Ann Bogen, Erica is the author of THE APOCALYPTIC KID (and, perhaps, if you are nice to her and give her some candy, she'll read that title piece). She is given to evaporating into the mist over the Ballona wetlands on certain Saturday nights, so we are very fortunate to have coaxed her in from that highly contested bog and her four (count 'em, four!) black cats to read with Rich. Don't miss her.

Meanwhile, I'm hosting, and I'm going to bring a cake. Why? Well, I'm taking cake decorating lessons, and I need to practice.

So . . . come for the poetry, and stay for the cake!

WHEN: Saturday evening, May 1st, 7:00 p.m.
WHERE: Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice, CA
WHAT: Two stunning features, plus open reading
HOW MUCH: We'll pass around Ye Olde Coffee Can O' Love, and you can decide.


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