response to an e-mail containing a transcription of a toenail-painting scene from 40's detective fiction:

..In this scene, this woman (Lilith) has just caught the guy trying to steal a key to her safe...

[Lilith. Key to her safe.]

“I was going to send you home, Stan, but I think you need a little lesson in manners. And I need my toenails fixed. You can help me with the polish. It’s in the drawer of the bed table. Bring it over here.”

[nail polish -- I have a series of nail polish pictures.]

"Lilith had taken the drawer marked sapphires from its little cabinet and was lifting the stones with a pair of jeweler’s forceps, holing them to the light of the desk lamp. "

[now -- what is the role of this wunderkammer / jeweler's shop case? wish she had a loupe --]

“You’ve had enough sinfulness for one evening, Mr. Carlisle. Be careful not to spill polish on the rug. You wouldn’t want me to rub your nose in it and then throw you out the back door by the scruff of your neck, would you, darling?”

my dull reply:

just reading (teaching) hammett & hellman -- sex conventions in detective fiction are weird conventions to have in a genre & ask such interesting questions about authorial intention. it is so cool that little bent scenes are a standard, requirement, constraint. guess my Dystopia poems need more juice.

after cutting my teeth on the conventions of the love elegy, I thought returning to androids / doll theory would be more fun -- I want to figure out what to do with Hadaly, "The Future Eve," poem-wise --


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