I hope to cover the cost of the clothing I bought in Portland; the job is not cool or terribly lucrative (I should make 90-125/hr, and this is for 50/hr 27 miles away from here), but I think it will be a nice change. Hopefully it will lead to something for the rest of the summer and until book #2 comes out (end of Oct.) that will allow me to rebuild my savings a bit. Eliz. is giving me res. comments; I guess I need several "15 second elevator pitches" ie, log lines, for what I do.

It is easy to get super-involved with the ups & downs of writing, and I was getting my knickers in a twist about writing, academic jobs, housing, neighborhoods, money -- I've always known that for me, having a job & some "mad money" is better than having "resume building loss leaders" like copy editing work, adjunct teaching, conference attendance, etc. I am burning lots of poetry cds for the commute & getting excited about recording for Da3.

Ron vastly prefers editing work, non profit work, teaching, etc. to corporate work, so when he hears me complaining about jobs, he encourages me to quit, since he can support me. I prefer to have a little bit more independence.

Ron's favorite [we went to see one of Rob Roberge & Gayle Fornataro's bands at the Rockotitlian Cafe last night] was the one with the "Stop Now" refrain. The vocals were pretty muddy, so we couldn't hear your lyrics, which I like. Speaking of excellent lyrics, I guess Franklin Bruno played at Spaceland with the Urinals last week? right after he turned in his diss. Which -- wow, I thought he was shooting for the fall.

I am going to try to make a flyer today. I just talked to David Stromberg, and he is going to do a little lecture / reading with the images. [for the reading at the smell May 30] Kevin mentioned last night that he would be able to give you the projector sometime this week; if Gayle has a laptop, it might not be a bad idea to test it out IN CASE for some reason we can't get the projector working with David's laptop. I am going to make up a mailing list sign up sheet & get a clipboard.

I am finally finished typing in the hotel computer game controller poems (went over well in Portland), and trying to steer them through Torture Garden to see what happens. No real work for a week on the new ms. "To Instruct & Delite" -- it is an art history & pedagogy slog.


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