draft poem (c-wide has locked c drives)

"make love not war" or substitute a moral euphamism (sp?) containing euphonic associative romance and oppose it with a double deck dull game to fill....

"give peace a chance"

Mayer's "Experiments" speak very clearly about a number of the most important characteristics of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Writing. In the first place, writing is conceived as something that must be done rather than as something that is to be interpreted. The vantage is Horatian rather than Plotinian. The "meanings" sought after in this work are neither ideas which lie behind (prior to) the texts nor residues left over from their operations. Meaning occurs as part of the process of writing--indeed, it is the writing. Thus Charles Bernstein says of such poetry that it "emphasizes its medium as being constructed ... designed, manipulated, picked, programmed, organized" (39)--"Whatever gets written gets written in a particular shape, uses a particular vocabulary & syntax, & a variety of chosen techniques... Sometimes this process takes place intuitively or unconsciously... Sometimes it is a very conscious process ... In either case, various formal decisions are made & these decisions shape the work"(43). This kind of statement--it appears repeatedly in the manifestos of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Writing--argues that discourse, including poetic discourse, is not meaning-referential but meaning constitutive. Writing is an event, a praxis, and in our day one of its principal operations involves the dismantling of the ideology, reified in so much that passes for "writing" (the SLOGANEERS), that language which in this context means producing and reproducing textsis an object, an icon. "The signs of language ... are not ... mere structures," Bernstein says, "they do not sit, deanimated, as symbols in a code, dummies for things of nature they refer to" (41). We are to think of poetry as "making a path" rather than "designing a garden" (39)--"Texts are themselves signifieds, not mere signifiers. TEXT: it requires no hermeneusis for it is itself one of itself" (34).

construction (and reading) of poetry should not be envisioned as "designing a garden," but rather as "making a path."

b/w controller / (wheel/cyber) / seedbad and Torture Garden, Cayce Herbal & Alaistair Crowley poems & game

watch the moon revive
black ice precipice

sun's first arrows glance, drive
stars from their pavillion, like a hive
stirred by lightning.

sun shatters crags
splintered rock and icicle alive,
delight in mourning.

cliffs withdraw,
memory pencils out the little ledge,
And friendship forges a link.

cruel love, rend the veil
virtue, there is born
Within me strange desire
new sweetness in the nightingale,
love tears Philosophy
wears sophist and cynic tale (shreads).

cruel love - find in her
Seven angels web with the seven devils
here I had thought to find a mirror of
my own obscene
And dead desire
Love comes: we part: I perish: Fate blind

The end of everything. The veil of night
Is not so deep I cannot comprehend.
I see before me yawn - a ghastly sight -
The End.

Love long ago deserted me to wend
His way with younger men. Life spreads a blight
Over me now. I have not now one friend.

There is no hope for me; no gleam of light
To my black path will any comfort lend -
Yet will I meet with smiling face, upright
The End.

He who seduced me first I could not forget.
I hardly loved him but desired to taste
A new strong sin. My sorrow does not fret
That sore. But thou, whose sudden arms embraced
My shrinking body, and who brought a blush
Into my cheeks, and turned my veins to fire,
Thou, who didst whelm me with the eager rush
Of the enormous floods of thy desire,
Thine are the kisses that devour me yet,
Thine the high heaven whose loss is death to me,
Thine all the barbed arrows of regret,
Thine on whose arms I yearn to be
In my deep heart thy name is writ alone,
Men shall decipher - when they split the stone.


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