lovely last event in the round of first anniversary dinners last night -- well, there might be one more -- we cancelled dinner at Matteo's on the night of the anniversary, and might reschedule dinner at one of Frank's fave LA restaurants [in New York, when my sister Elizabeth lived in Elizabeth Street (that's around the corner from CBGB), she lived above the ovens of Frank's favorite NY bread bakery, and down the street from Frank's favorite sauce -- we ate at Frank's favorite NJ Italian restaurant once, and IT WAS FABULOUS

and at that time, Nov. 1, I booked dinner which was last night -- at Il Cielo -- said to be one of the most romantic restaurants in town -- maybe if you're seventeen. A goodly portion of the crowd was college -age women, with the attraction being the romatic setting and getting served on Daddy's charge card. Romantic setting: lots of Christmas lights and tarnished-gilt mirrors and a sepia tinted photo of the owners' wedding picture. The other groups of diners were easily in their 80's. I would describe it as a very Palm Beach crowd, there in Beverly Hills. The Palm Beach of Beverly Hills? Probably true. Restaurant's next to the BH Pratesi. Worst valet in town. When we were leaving, a "mother"-daughter duo in jeans were coming in in an older jag (those early 90s sedans every single woman in Palm Beach -- and apparently BH -- drove), but the plates read "R 2 Jag." BLEAH. We will never go there again; but still, we enjoyed celebrating.

The antipasti was good, but the pasta was not. They treated the *second* top of a wedding cake -- a delicious cheesecake, but of the over sweet, stuffed with cookies, candy and caramel kind, alas, not the purist NY cakey cheese cake or the sour cream creamy cheesecake -- very well, having cleaned it up, they brought it out on a silver tray covered with rose petals.

Other anniversary dinner: courtesy of my parents, at Campanile -- Campanile, besides being the four star restaurant we can walk to! is an old Chalie Chaplin sound stage (LACMA West, the old May Co. building, is the site of Chaplin's brother's old airport), and at our wedding they stayed at the Montecito Inn, which was a Chaplin investment.

Brought the Halloween candy into work today.


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