well, I suppose because people like me who are on list completely forget to read her

so this afternoon I was wondering at

But even comparing these two poems to each other is like comparing two people speaking in tongues: who sounds better?


Consider the riddle another way: how do you determine the better, if not best, passage of Greek or Latin when you don't understand the language?

Because it is a peculiar "'church' of poetry" indeed that Ms. Hula-Hoop's positing.

All best,
Catherine Daly

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does ms. houlihan ever say anything different when she pretends to review contemporary poetry? why circulate this to this list when it won't tell us anything we already don't know. the thoughts of a small person are usually small.

personally, i recognize Bruce Andrews after the third word. she should be like a critic who didn't minimalism and color field painting. you just haven't earned yet, baby!


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