1. Art is not the sublime descent of the infinite into the finite abjection of the body and sexuality. It is the production of an infinite subjective series through the finite means of a material subtraction.

Huh? Oh, must be my eternal worry about money as well as my distressing conversation with the cousin in law in law about how the marks of a beginning writer outside the academy are:

that there are very large profits to be made; that my book is like the celestine prophecy, i.e., like a religion (religious content or no, but generally yes), i.e., I can get the message out, witness and proselytize, hand sell it to church groups, book groups unlike bantam doubleday dell picks it up and I'm on Oprah...

fear of theft / copyright infringement, i.e., can I give it to a friend to read, can I give it to an editor, can send it out to publishers to be read [this is coupled with total ignorance of copyright law, and falling easy prey to lawyers who will offer copyright and libelrelated legal services, for large fees, to anyone, published or not]

can you tell me what the market wants: i.e., will it sell better as a memoir or as a journalistic revelation of scandal in the medical industry or as a great american novel or as a religious book?

will you edit it for free -- I mean, I'm a brilliant writer and all because I know grammar, though it does need copyedit and proof of course, but can you edit it but let me have total final say -- i.e., can you engage, for free, in a months-long tug of war, rather than me learning how to revise and edit?

I have more hallmarks of the beginning writer, but you can see that even in this case, the infinite isn't becoming bodily here (how very christian), or the "creation of an infinite series" but rather the imagination is trying to meet the market; the creative or perhaps ambitious dreamer person is wondering how that creativity or dream can become a medium of exchange.

2. Art cannot merely be the expression of a particularity (be it ethnic or personal). Art is the impersonal production of a truth that is addressed to everyone.

Oh, what a load of hoo-ha this seems this morning. Art and truth differ fundamentally -- art has more qualia, for one thing.

But it is also the hallmark of the beginning writer to reach to deliver a truth that is an already commonly-accepted truth in that writers' circle, i.e., to reinforce the status quo, with an eye toward the equation generality/universality = money. [The above seems reactionary to identity politics.] I have a story which is about the christian god my local preacher preaches about and he says I could sell it if I only printed it up [on the reviewing table -- THE GOD'S HONEST TRUTH by Darrin Hufford, who is from LA, and even paid a halfway decent book designer and layout person.]

OK, enough with "15 Theses on Contemporary Art" (found @ www.lacan.com); they are way to religious for me.


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