Greetings Poets,

To all of our "Poetic Souls" readings, and "Poetic Souls" writing groups - we are now accepting poems. These will be grouped together and submitted for the next issue of "The Messenger Newspaper". Any may be published in their 'Poetry Corner'.

Open to all "Our Poetic Souls" readings participants and "Poetic Souls" writing groups, as well as selected poets who are invited to participate.

Here are guidelines for your submittals. All submissions must be sent to, or P. O. Box 1205, Walnut, Ca. 91788-1205. Submit in body of e-mail (attachments will be discarded).

1. 4 to 8 lines (no excessively long run-on lines). TWO submissions per poet - maximum.
2. Poems must fit into one of these categories:

A. Uplifting.
B. Sensitive.
C. Creative.
D. Unique.
E. Experiential.

3. Poems must NOT be morbid.
4. There is no payment; this is an outlet for local poets to publish their works.
5. Final decision of publication lies totally with "The Messenger" editor.
6. Uniqueness of summer.

All materials must be received by 9th of June for consideration of the July / August issue.

This is an opportunity for poets to be able to express their Poetic Voices. All poetry was given for someone to receive. Let's not hide our talents - reach out to those who are in need of your gifts.


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