Of the interim thoughts I had was to do illustrations with google image search and the like, but truthfully, the image, and the true name of my materials are trademarked, and I don't want B*****-like trouble. The other thing is that this, while rife with products, is image poor.

The thing that starting with the phantasm, as I did, rather than reading / recognising it, as K. Silem Mohammed did, is that this is even more of an anti-flarf. I'm not starting with a lack, but doing what the increasingly commercialized web is trying to make me do, which is be steered (cyber) toward marketing to buy (increasingly emphemeral) products. No information here.

And of course, while flarf is built on a third generation New York School variation in diction and communication aslant, this poem is not one of my MYS not-in_NY poems; it is a post-canto-like thing where I would normally "just go on my" ear rather than nerve.


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