the wedding gowns Elizabeth and I looked at last night at "the largest wedding gown store on the west coast" were really quite amazing

I was prepared for the prices, that 1-2K was about how much a decent one cost, but that the couture ones were much more

I feel we did really well coming up with three smashing options, and that it is *interesting* which options these are:

1) a strapless ivory designer dress that is grand and smashing; the way that the soft silk satin drapes is sewn, or designed in, so that it is perfectly draped. this is *precisely* the skirt I wanted for my dress but didn't have time to have made (I had two weeks!), and we are at six months, a perfect lead time for this dress. It looks great with a bright sash and Elizabeth is probably going for a sash in the colors of our childhood bedrooms, and many of her sorbet birthday cakes!!! hot pink, orange, and green. It looks great on Elizabeth, she really looks "bride-ly" in it.

2) a strapless ivory designer dress that is sexy and stylish; the silk around the bust, waist and hips is pulled to the side in a way that makes Elizabeth's figure stand out in a s-shape; she looks like a 19th century lady wearing her corset and slip, then draped in sumptuous silk coverlet. This is my vote for grown up, womanly Elizabeth.

3) a gorgeous strapless ivory silk dress (I really like the material on all thres dresses, but particularly this one) that is simple and very sophisticated, but still a "top of the cake" dress, with tailored pleating on the fitted bodice and a full a-line skirt; this dress I would call the "right" dress -- it is exactly Elizabeth (fits perfectly, etc. etc.) and appropriate to the wedding place, and everything.


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