ay 03

Wednesday, 8:00pm

Ecstatic Peace Reading: Byron Coley, Richard
Hell, Jutta Koether & Thurston Moore (and
possibly a surprise reader or 2). Byron Coley
has been co-editor of Ecstatic Peace Poetry
Journal, is a renowned rock writer, and a
published poet. Richard Hell is a vanguard
poet and a songwriter/musician who made the
world exciting again. Jutta Koether is a
visual artist with work in the Whitney
Biennial 2006. Thurston Moore is the editor
of Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal and a member
of avant garde NYC rock 4tet Sonic Youth.


Housed in the landmark St. Mark's Church in
the center of New York City's East Village,
the Poetry Project offers three weekly
reading series, writing workshops, a
bimonthly Newsletter, an annual literary
magazine, The World, an Annual New Year's Day
Marathon Reading, tape and document archives,
and general support for poets. Founded in
1966, the Poetry Project is now one of the
premier forums for innovative poetry in the
United States. Here on our web site, you will
find our webzine Poets & Poems; The Tiny Press
Center, a resource center for small publishers
including essays by small publishers, contact
information, reviews, and more; excerpts from
our publications; membership information;
books and artwork for sale; links to other
poetry sites; and much more!

St. Mark's Church, 131 E. 10th St.,
New York, NY 10003


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