once again, not appearing at the Los Angeles Times Festival of books; these are:

Poetry Corner
Emcees: Elena Karina Byrne and M.L. Williams

10:00 am Dana Levin
Author, “Wedding Day”

10:30 am Marilyn Nelson
Author, “The Cachoeira Tales and Other Poems”

11:00 am Terry Wolverton
Author, “Embers”

11:30 am Charles Harper Webb
Author, “Hot Popsicles”

12 pm Victoria Chang
Author, “Circle”

12:30 pm Sesshu Foster
Author, “Atomik Aztex”

1 pm James Ragan
Author, “In the Talking Hours”

1:30 pm Sarah Arvio
Author, “Sono”

2 pm John Fitzgerald
Author, “Spring Water”

2:30 pm
Gail Mazur
Author, “Zeppo’s First Wife”

3 pm Jeffrey Levine
Author, “Rumor of Cortez”

3:30 pm Dana Goodyear
Author, “Honey and Junk”

4 pm Donald Revell
Author, “Pennyweight Windows: New & Selected Poems”

4:30 pm Christopher Merrill
Author, “Things of the Hidden God”

5:00 pm Martha Ronk
Author, “In a Landscape of Having to Repeat”

10:00 am Kay Ryan
Author: “The Niagara River: Poems”

10:30 am Stephen Yenser
Author: ”Blue Guide”

11:00 am Jane Hirshfield
Author, “After”

11:30 am David St. John
Author, “The Face: A Novella in Verse”

12 pm Sarah Maclay
Author, “Whore”

12:30 pm Chris Abani
Author, “Becoming Abi Gail”

1 pm Glyn Maxwell
Author, “Forever Waltz”

1:30 pm Ralph Angel
Author, “Twice Removed”

2 pm Maurya Simon
Author, “Ghost Orchid”

2:30 pm
Amy Uyematsu
Author, “Stone Bow Prayer”

3 pm Ilya Kaminsky
Author, “Dancing in Odessa”

3:30 pm Eloise Klein Healy
Author, “Passing”

4 pm Gabriel Meyer
Author, “War and Faith in the Sudan”


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