had to keep the gerald stern because I like the first poem in it

louise labe -- person, or collaboration?

anyhoo, the other women of the Lyon poetry circle probably aren't, right?

so maybe I'll add to les grandes horizontales with some versions of either "hers" (I really really doubt she was la belle cordiere, but oh, la belle cordiere -- what a good poem title

Pernette du GUILLET another woman from the group, "muse" of a book by the head of the group, poems published postumously, but here -- hmm, also a hoax?

which obliges a lover more, love or its injury? a lover's service is written (into lines) by those who like priase and fame; service owes the heart. With the heart, so life is given both to love and praise. With honor, a lover invites love; doing good, one invites praise. But the point that returns my original thought to me, is that without injury Love would not be.

Annie Finch reports that most of her poetry is religious, something I've not seen in the single poem I've read; this one uses one of my favorite French plays on words, involving blesse -- not blessed, but injured, or perhaps the injury of love is a blessing, or blessing is an injury -- a blow to the sense (not eye)?


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