My new e-book/book PAPER CRAFT is now online at

You can find a link there to buy a hard copy of the book or download the
free e-book. There are great reasons to have the book in .pdf as well
as in book form. For example, you can print out the .pdf -- onto regular paper
or whatever -- and follow the lines in the "Paper Craft" section to
make meta-paper craft poem-objects: a cup, paper dolls, etc. Or you can
have the book, which is *square.*

Reviews welcome; I can e-mail the pdf, but it is as easy to go the
site and download it.

What others have said:

In the domain of the digital, Catherine Daly gives us paper; in an age of
speed, she gives us craft; in a moment of dematerialization, she gives us
concrete; in Southern California, she gives us snow. Process is the key:
Daly wraps her fingers around words, privately sculpting them into
linguistic megaliths, only to later destroy them. What remains, strewn
across these pages, is pure poetry.

Kenneth Goldsmith

I am awed by the capaciousness of Catherine Daly's language, or I should say
languages, and the dizzying array of forms like a series of birdcages in
which the door stands open, if the captive birds only knew it. Paper Craft
is a startling melange of fragmentary discourses, each of which intersects
with English to form a snapshot of the moment meaning happens.
Electromagnetism literalizes the "light" in enlightenment; an illustration
of "Decomposing Monzogranite" reveals the gradual erosion of a poetic
monument; modern and Middle English stand side by side and vie for the
reader's attention and sympathy. Daly insists on multiplying the available
dimensions for poetry: a five-pointed "rose" of words seems to revolve as we
read them, and actual patterns for folding and cutting paper literally
underwrite some of the poems. The gendered languages of science and
papercrafting meet in this new, frankly feminist dictionary, setting off
fireworks that illuminate as much as they dazzle.

Joshua Corey


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