funny women

I am extremely disturbed by the repetition in the excerpted humpo at jacketmagazine about women, funny women, and physical humor

especially when humpo seems to have been devoted to an extremely small wedge of funny poetry, and an even smaller wedge of performance in funny poetry

first of all, like anyone -- not just any female -- properly learning to say nyuk nyuk or veterans of Shakey's back in the day when pizza,pitchers, and the great silent movies were the equivalent of chuck e cheese's pizza,pitchers, whack a mole and performing automata I feel it is my right to say that the three stooges are just not as funny as some other less violent acts -- and while reportedly chaplin's father's act was downright abusive, it is important to note that chaplin at his best is a delirious balance

I also want to say that when you are talking about the great midcentury (physical) comediennes Diller and Ball, you see actually very very attractive women going out of their way to appear clownlike (red hair, fright wigs,costumes...) to say-- perhaps to industry more than audience, it is ok to laugh; on the other hand, you have monroe, who it seems everyone has forgotten was essentially a comedic actress

this seems to have filtered down to the present day mysteriously, I think in the division -- perhaps only in some conversation rather than in real audience --of performance art and writing (poetry) that's hilarious-- like Eleanor Antin AND David Antin -- from accepted stuff like "stand up poetry" or deliberately declasse (so it is ok to laugh) jennifer blowdryer, or pleasant gehman or...

I mean, c'mon, the dinner party? what is on those plates? that's not funny? yoko ono -- can you listen to a recording and not laugh?


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