from coleridge, aquinas on memory/artistotle, recall as a pattern starting with a thing or "time" "frame" "period" "moment"

resemblnce -- custom moves us from one thingto another by deliberate search, "when we try to remember a verse we remember the oening lines"

word -- first letter, shape?

things are better remembered when they are systemetized ("systematically linked")


"scattered things are hardly remembered" hmm -- this is what made me take the note

study to arrange the order in which to retain
bring the mind tobear on the arrangement
start from the beginning

Erna's trip down the Danube

(neighbor with failing memory -- frequently was reminded of a barge trip down the Danube by just all sorts of things -- though I thought of her memory more as Kaiser Steel, since I felt that it had a more linguistic trigger-- you'd be talking about helthcare -- we are near Kaiser Permamente -- and she would transition to shipbuilding)

Erna's husband was a bandleader? was that someone else? they met in Shanghai in the 30s.

"In Campbell's ecclesiastical history the printing of mutilated editions so beautiful as gradually toproduce at utter oblivion of the entire ones -- "

coleridge wonders if this is true in the age pfprint, how so before
indeed, first copying, and before that trasitionto written histories

truly beginning with credit???

Pope Clement VIII: "...if anything corrigible occurs which can be emended by slight deletion or addition, take care that it is done; otherwise let the whole passage / book be deleted" as reported in the notes

online... He issued revised editions of the Vulgate, the Breviary, the Missal, also the "Cæremoniale", and the "Pontificale".

where the heck is philip neri's poety when you're looking for it?


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