I love Eileen Myles. Had a good time at Betalevel last night; congrats to Ara Shirinyan on his marriage; will be reading there Sept. 27.

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Confiteor is a 1000 page poem named as the Roman Catholic confessional, using themes of confession, action and omission to survey 20th century poetry and women's writing. All but Addendum, of Confiteor's volumes, are trilogies: DaDaDa's volumes Reading Fundamentals, Heresy, and Legendary take early modern (baroque period) embedded games into the computer age as it surveys acts of identity, confession, and erasure from the Norton Anthology to medieval heretics to contemporary craftswomen; OOD: Object-Oriented Design reduces to binaries as it moves from singluarity in Eidolon through materialism in Obj. X to series (modern algebra/cosmology) in Syncrasy; Dea includes All the Angels and Saints, a wedding of the postmodern to the animatronic; Addendum considers the lack of finality and the contingency of communication in language.


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