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Anonymity and identity

One of the things I was thinking during the anonymity discussion was the problem of dealing with fragments and anonymity

The greek anthology is only partially anonymous

And in this case the old saw “anonymous is a woman” is quite wrong – though I have been working a bit with roman womens poetry (the amount is so very small) because for OOD, I was seeking a roman counterpart to the greek anthology I used in Da3. I backed into this because of my interest in Tibullus. Something I haven’t done very much about yet – the two poems are spin offs from the major “what do I do” with tibullus – one based on goethe’s rewriting from the text (roman elegies) and one based on the women’s writing (there are only around four known female poets in ancient italy – one was in the Marcellus circle, and her poems were published as part of tibullus’) another female poet from this era – all we’ve got is a few


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